Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sad Animals at BIG CAT RESCUE | Photo Tour!

Oh WOE IS ME. I'm trapped in a cage at BIG CAT RESCUE!
Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida has one of the biggest mouths of any animal 'sanctuary' that is trying to end the captivity of exotic animals in zoos, educational facilities, and private ownership. Like many other animal rights zealot-websites, they present manipulative photos of animals 'looking sad' in facilities that aren't theirs, or cherry pick photos of enclosures on rainy days so animals stroll through muddy conditions that don't appeal to modernized humans. Animals can only get wet and dirty in the wild.

Then, they amass millions of views on Youtube and Facebook likes showing off their 'happy' animals frolicking in captivity. These messages are so mixed, labradoodles envy them.

So I thought it would be amusing to collect some unflattering photos (they are licensed for free-use, so BCR can't sue me as they immediately do to any pro-pet person who uses their photos) of animals in Big Cat Rescue that some of their visitors have taken, not their expert photographer PR crew.

This is a great companion piece to my article Sad Animals in Zoos.  Scroll to the bottom for some great music for your tour!

An African Caracal stares longingly out of its "prison", pondering its highly anticipated death so it can one day truly be 'free'.

Stefanie kraus (CC BY-ND 2.0) Via Flickr

This lion wants to know what it did to deserve such a monotonous existence, being forced to pose for photos so Big Cat Rescue can rack up the dough from the exploitation.

Charles Barilleaux (CC BY 2.0) Via Flickr
Fran (CC BY-SA 2.0) Via Flickr

Tonga the white serval doesn't have a nose. Big Cat Rescue had it removed (cancer, the second picture is older) to keep the already very elderly cat from dying and freeing itself from the torture of permanent imprisonment. Look! He's so sad, he's drooling!

M.M.Meeks (CC BY-ND 2.0) Via Flickr

WHEN WILL THE EXPLOITATION END?? I just want to take a nap!

Charles Barilleaux (CC BY 2.0)  Via Flickr

'I roam HUNDREDS of miles in the wild, stalking prey in a glorious hunt, and here, I have a big doughnut on a string.'

Jimmy theSuperStar(CC BY 2.0) 


a200/a77Wells (CC BY 2.0) Via Flickr


Charles Barilleaux (CC BY 2.0) Via Flickr

Beautiful, Wild, Free, I AM NOT!

M.M.Meeks (CC BY-ND 2.0) Via Flickr

What is life like beyond the cage bars?

Jimmy theSuperStar (CC BY 2.0) Via Flickr
Charles Barilleaux (CC BY 2.0) Via Flickr


 Your soundtrack for these photos!!


"And I still...believe...living beautiful...*tear*...wild...and free"

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